Musicounts Band Aid Program Grant Recipient

Congratulations to Pikangikum First Nation on being awarded a Musicounts Band Aid Program Grant. In March 2021, it was announced that the Musicounts Band Aid Grant will provide $10,000 toward the proposed string ensemble program at Eenchokay Birchstick School (EBS). This was a very competitive process open to all schools across Canada so it is a really exciting development!

HIP District Co-Ordinators (7090), Jim & Marjorie Dawson have been working with Pikangikum First Nation on developing the school music program for about eight years. Last fall they worked with music teacher Morris George-Ellington on an application to the Band Aid program which supports at risk youth through music programs. The after-school music programs provide the space and equipment needed for students to practice their instruments, an especially important factor for those students who cannot practice at home. The funding will ensure that additional instruments are available, allowing more students to participate in the after school and school programs.

While this grant is not dependent on Rotary funding, it demonstrates the importance and benefits of working together with the community and building relationships

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