Rotary Partnership

HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples) takes pride in its partnership with Rotary, a global community comprising of more than 1.2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders. Rotary’s mission is to effect positive, enduring transformations in communities, both locally and across the globe. Through our collaboration with Rotary, we synergize our efforts and pool resources to expand our reach, enabling us to assist more communities in raising awareness, advancing education, and fostering meaningful relationships.

HIP District Coordinators

HIP is grateful for the support of our District Coordinators. District Coordinators inspire Indigenous and Non-Indigenous relationship building while providing leadership and guidance to Rotary Clubs within their Districts.
District 5020District 5040District 5050
Bob BlackerBob BlackerLinda Mross
District 5060District 5080District 5370
Barb PennerAllison AlderJan Fox
District 5550District 5580District 6290
To Be FilledBrian WalmarkNicole Paterson
District 6330District 6400District 7010
Clay MelnikeSuzanne GrouetteRichard Denton
District 7040District 7070District 7080
Rene MelchersBill EmpeyTim Lockhart
District 7090District 7790District 7815
Jim & Marjorie DawsonYves FecteauJane Simmons
District 5360
Dan Doherty
Country Coordinator
Melissa Hebbard