Indigenous Youth Innovation Challenge

RESEAU-CMI (RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation) is partnering with Indigenous communities and organizations, university researchers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs to give students K-12 the chance to work with their communities to solve a drinking water health challenge. The Indigenous Youth Potable Water Innovation Challenge 2022 is a pilot program and community leaders and operators to identify local water challenges, barriers to solving them and potential solutions. With innovative educational tools and mentorship from scientists, engineers and experts from the water industry and universities, the teams will develop a solution to solve the most pressing local challenge. Then, they’ll workshop their idea with entrepreneurs before presenting it to their community. Their work will be judged by their community as well as an Indigenous Advisory council, who are also overseeing the program development, for prizes and opportunities for accelerator support to develop promising ideas into actual products and services.

Indigenous Youth (K-12) have an opportunity to solve water problems in their community, with access to industry experts, post secondary students, and more. There is $15,000 worth of funding available for each team and up to $5,000 available for administrative support.

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