HIP Welcomes Intern Daniella

Currently working as a Language and Media Relations specialist for HIP, Daniella
is an eager academic and a prime example of the Y2Y (Youth to Youth) internship program.

In addition to being a mother to her two-year-old son, Daniella is in her third year at the UBC (University of British Columbia), Okanagan campus where she majors in indigenous studies and minors in cultural studies. Furthermore, she is a Nsylxcen Language Editorial Assistant for the UBC language department, an Indigenous Research teacher assistant for the Rideau Hall Foundation and doing a Nsylxcen Language Fluency position at the Syilx Language House. Eventually doing her masters in Indigenous Language Revitalization or Indigenous literatures, her goal is to one day work towards publishing in original languages and pre-contact sign

As a dedicated member of the HIP team, Daniella believes that HIP can make positive
impacts through the education of youth & bringing awareness to social, cultural, and
environmental issues. The HIP group also helps youth to find issues or topics they are
passionate about and providing them with the tools and partnerships to work on projects with other people that are passionate about the same things. Through all their efforts, it’s clear that a main focus at HIP is relationship building, which is one of Daniella’s strengths and passions.

While working with HIP, Daniella has gotten the opportunity to work in language revitalization through several projects and interviews. While conducting interviews with members of the HIP board and language activists, she has learnt the large role that HIP plays in the issue. This is even more true when we consider that the issue around language revitalization, isn’t only about the loss of language, but also the loss of culture and diversity.

In addition, Daniella sees the positive global impact on youth that HIP has, and how
HIP’s role is essential in carrying out the healing of our communities. The opportunity to bring youth together, connect them, have them share their knowledge and different perspectives is key in a larger representation of non-indigenous and indigenous youth. Another pulling factor to Daniella working with HIP is the fact that her physical location does not determine her ability to be an ally. HIP actively works across Canada, and with Daniella at any given time being in British Columbia or Ontario, her work can continue seamlessly and connect with whoever she needs to.

Finally, it’s important to highlight Daniella’s and HIP’s common goal in the proper
representation and promotion of youth abilities as this plays a major role in todays media. Today’s youth are often stereotyped as lazy, incapable, childless and passionless. Though with HIP members like Daniella, we can work together to create a safe space for both indigenous and non-indigenous youth by promoting their ideas and show that the voices of youth should be valued and our concerns, addressed.