Advice to Western Civil Societies

Canadian Attorney and Friend of IPI David G. Newman, Q.C., of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is featured in the recently published Supreme Advocacy article “Advice, and Urging, from a 50-year Lawyer in the Middle of Canada.”

Newman’s call to action includes the admonition that western  hemisphere governments can and should work to right the wrongs of the past. This will benefit everyone, not just the descendants of the survivors of those wrongs. But doing so:

“now requires more work: such as acknowledgement of wrongdoing, apologies, systemic change actions, building trusting relationships, equality and justice. Reparation to redress past wrongs is also required.” 

Newman is also a leader of the Rotary organization on the local, national, and international levels, and he explains the understandings he has gained over the course of his stellar career in terms of basic Rotary values.