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Help us build a nationwide network of young leaders united in their commitment to Reconciliation and sustainability! Whether it’s through generous financial contributions, mission-critical product donations, cause-marketing campaigns or volunteering our corporate partners are a vital part of HIP.

“It’s a very monumental thing for youth to be able to realize that they hold power and to gain that knowledge and tools to empower themselves”

— Noia Mcfetridge, Indigenous

As our partner, You Help Us In Offering
Opportunities to a Greater Number of Youth.

HIP’s Youth to Youth program is designed around a thoughtfully curated series of activities, workshops, and interactive sessions. These elements encourage participants to embrace diversity, build relationships, and deepen understanding of Indigenous history, heritage, and traditions.

Fostering Cultural Competency

The HIP Youth to Youth experience facilitates meaningful cultural exchange and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, fostering social cohesion and harmony.

Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action 62 – 66

HIP is passionately committed to addressing Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action 62 to 66. Through involving youth from isolated or marginalized areas, we actively dismantle both geographical and social barriers.

Championing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

HIP youth participants reflect the diverse tapestry of Canada, representing various backgrounds, including diverse Indigenous communities, ancestral heritages, genders, sexual orientations, and individuals with disabilities.

Promoting Environmental Stewardship

Recognizing strong Indigenous connections to the environment, HIP’s Youth to Youth program engages participants in outdoor activities that instill a sense of responsibility for the land, actively promoting environmental stewardship and making a positive impact on the environment.

Encouraging Community Engagement

This program actively involves interactions with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, encouraging community engagement and support.

Providing Educational Opportunities

The program offers educational and skills development opportunities for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

youth alumni

HIP’s Youth program’s impact and outreach are truly remarkable. The youth, serving as ambassadors, return to their communities to deliver presentations to their schools, service clubs, and a wide range of other organizations. Beyond that, this transformative experience will seep into their conversations with parents, friends, and classmates. It’s incredible to envision the power of their voices being heard. With each youth delivering three to five presentations in their respective communities, the message of Truth and Reconciliation and sustainability reaches thousands of Canadians.

Ways to Get Involved

Corporate Giving

Create a meaningful corporate contribution to champion Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Your generous support enables us to keep the program barrier free for youth and launch, grow and maintain National and Regional Youth to Youth programs, making a profound difference in communities across Canada. Your invaluable partnership empowers us to create lasting positive changes in the lives of those we are dedicated to serving

Product & Service Donations

At HIP, our Youth to Youth program thrives on community support, and your product and service donations are instrumental in realizing our goals. These contributions serve as a financial lifeline, alleviating budgetary pressures and allowing us to channel resources directly into the program’s development. Your generosity goes beyond monetary value; it translates into tangible support, enabling us to provide essential items and leverage valuable expertise. Your partnership plays a pivotal role in shaping a transformative and inclusive environment, fostering the growth and empowerment of young individuals in our community.

Cause Marketing Campaigns

HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples) Charitable Corporation joins forces with corporations wishing to make a positive impact on regional and national cause marketing campaigns. Together, we can create powerful campaigns that drive social and environmental good, increase brand reputation, engage consumers, and build a better future for the next generation.

Empower Youth Voices

In fostering a more inclusive and engaged community, corporations have a unique opportunity to amplify the voices of youth through a dedicated forum. By providing a platform within their corporate locations, companies can empower young individuals to share their experiences and messages concerning Truth and Reconciliation and environmental stewardship. Encouraging these passionate youth advocates to speak at corporate events not only enhances corporate social responsibility but also creates a meaningful dialogue that resonates with diverse audiences. This initiative not only enriches corporate culture but also contributes to a broader societal conversation, promoting understanding and positive change.

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