Thank You, Heroes!

Our focus at HIP is on bettering our communities and giving youth a voice to work towards a more inclusive Canada for all. Our efforts would not be able to make a difference in Canada and in the lives of youth if it weren’t for our hero donors.

With the help of these allies, HIP can bring youth together each year for the National Youth-to-Youth Experience and make a lasting impact on their lives. Learning to live off the land, cultural importance and awareness, relationship building, and environmental stewardship are all meaningful lessons that these youth are being taught during Y2Y, thanks to your help.

Y2Y makes a difference in the lives of youth. It makes them proud of their culture and educates them on their peer’s culture. This is an incredible, immersible experience that empowers youth to make a difference in their communities and beyond. By donating to HIP, you help us give youth a voice so we can build the future they want to live in.

“The pride that we felt being Indigenous after this experience, it really brought out something that has made us strive towards change even after the experience,” said Samantha Westlands, an Indigenous alumnus of Youth-to-Youth. “It made us want to come back and participate again because we really believe in this program.”

HIP is on a mission to bring awareness to Indigenous Allyship and Truth and Reconciliation. Your donations make a difference in getting the word out to reach more people and allowing youth to have transformative, immersive experiences that influence them to change the communities around them. Having allies join us on our mission is incredibly valuable and we appreciate all the generous help we receive.

To find out how you can get involved and join our journey, read more on our website and donate directly through Canada Helps or reach out to us at [email protected]. Join us on social media to keep up with us!


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