Start a Circle

HIP’s Peer-to-Peer engagement program is an innovative initiative aimed at uniting Indigenous and non-Indigenous to take action to create lasting change. Ultimately, the goals are to:

  • Build lasting relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous.
  • Promote cultural awareness and safety.
  • Inspire and empower Indigenous and Non-Indigenous to work together towards resolving community challenges.

As the program name implies, the best way to address social change is to engage people from diverse backgrounds in relationship building activities focused on working together. Through education, practice, and engagement opportunities, this program leverages shared passions as a vehicle to building relationships.

Circle requirements:

  • Indigenous co-sponsor (Community, Youth Council, Organization, etc.)
  • Non-Indigenous co-sponsor (Rotary, Rotaract, Organization, etc.)
  • Shared interest (healthy food, canoeing, robotics, environment, etc.)
  • Minimum of 10 participants (50% Indigenous, 50% Non-Indigenous)